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I have an electronics background, stretching all the way back to tubes. I build my own computer towers which are all networked together. #1 is main editor #2 is scanner controller #3 is wife's computer #4 is dedicated as printer control computer and also have laptops. I feel that people are failing to be photographers because they omit half of thier photography effort by not continuing the photo process, by printing on to paper

For thousands of years most humans have bought into supernatural beliefs about invisible superior beings, that are there to guide and to determine good and evil. How ridiculous We don’t need outside guidance to know ourselves and when we have achieved something good or not up to par. I believe in extreme individual equality without others input as to if you have created your best effort or not. Contests and competition between people cause individuals to feel they have acquired a higher plateau and have superior talents. This kind of activity causes people to attempt to be and act superior to one another, Some people are born with an abillity to learn without diffucuty, this does not make them better. No one is better than another.


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