Official Quarterly Contest Rules


The photographs must be taken during the allotted time of the contest, the approximately 90 days associated with the seasonal, yearly quarter.

  • Winter (December - February)

  • Spring (March - May)

  • Summer (June - August)

  • Autumn (September - November)


All final submissions must be matted.

  • Any mat color may be used.

  • Rectangular mats may not exceed 20" on the long edge (i.e. 16x20 is acceptable)

  • Contestants may enter a square photograph and use a square mat that must not exceed 16" along any edge.


Your printed photograph may be any size that fits into or is equal to the 16x20 rectangle or 16 x16 square total mat.

If you choose to do so, you can have your print done on metal or adhered to foam board at the full 20" long edge or 16" square.


Matted images will presented during the meeting.

A 15 minute time period will be allotted in which members of the club will cast votes for their three favorite images.


Contestants must be present to win.

There are no honorable mentions for the quarterly peer contest.

Winning photos will be asked to provide a digital copy for the SmugMug Gallery & Website.


  • 1st place is...

  • 2nd place is $50.00 - placement in website gallery..

  • 3rd place is $25.00 - placement in website gallery.